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PCI P1000

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PCI P1000

│ Description │

PCI P1000 is powdered water reducing agent developed the basis of polycarboxylate polymer system.  PCI P1000 is applicable to all types of cement products such as mortar or grout.  PCI P1000 is feasible to mix powder such as accelerator, setting retarder, viscosity agent and antifoaming agent for physical properties.

│ Characteristic │

● High flowing and high performance will enable the manufacture of products
● High dispersion can be controlled and workability.

│ Use │

● powdered water reducing agent (For all types of mortar and grout)

│ Main ingredient and Property │

● Main ingredient : polycarboxylic acid
● Appearance : Yearly brown powder
● Density (20℃) : 0.5±0.1
● pH (20℃) : 5.0±1(1% Aqueous solution)

│ Method of use │

● Standard amount used(B×0.1∼0.5%) would be better determined through the testing.
● If the low temperature and the excess injected can cause a slight delay in the setting time.

│ Notice │

● You don't keep so that debris or mixed with water.
● The (plastic)container is used, which creates no static electricity.

│ Package │

● BOX : 20kg
● DRUM : 80kg(20kg*4EA/bag)

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